Peaceful activism.
Embodied politics.

Standing with the Earth is a call collectively to pause from action, to stand in silence, listen to and connect with the Earth, humbly acknowledging and deeply sensing our interbeing – a starting point for any measure taken to meet the urgent problems of our time.

This is a call.
Not a call for arms.
A call to stand.
To stand with the Earth.

Lucia Renée

Standing with the Earth is a simple and at sight unobtrusive / peaceful format. In times of undeniable crisis and urgency we tend to assume that only something very spectacular and obvious to the eyes can save us. But the opposite might just as easily be true. It could be that silently reconnecting with each other, silently reconnecting with who whe are and where we are from, is the most radical thing we can do.


Our protest works in silence (and, if wished, at loud and crowded places) with as many people as wanting to join. We are, all the time, actively feeling our connection & expressing each life’s solidarity.

There are three repeating phases:

  1. Standing. Standing is a form of protest. We are present with mother earth and show our resistance to what is happening.
  2. Bowing. We bow to mother earth in thankfulness, as the basis of existance.
  3. Lying. We dissolve into the ground, back to where we came from.

Each phase lasts a set amount of time. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

We open circle